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454 Bags Commercial

Standard "Not For Turkey Bags" - 18"x22" - Fits 1lb - 100 Count

Standard "Not For Turkey Bags" - 18"x22" - Fits 1lb - 100 Count

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Turkey bags are for turkeys. Our bags are formulated specifically for flower. Preserve your product in a bag that was made to store it.

Our softer plastic won't strip your trichomes.

Our bags are nylon free. Nylon is a dirty plastic that traditional turkey bags are made of. Nylon can leach into your cannabis. It's also crunchy and abrasive which can create shake and strip trichomes.

These bags are not ideal for curing. However, once cured they are a great short term storage/transportation option. Our plastic allows a slight two way transfer of moisture. This gives you extra piece of mind that if there is moisture trapped in some buds the bags will allow it to escape lowering the risk of mold or mildew.

If you want to cure in these bags (or any tie bag) we recommend using our Space Saver bag. You can put up to 25lbs of bagged flower in them and vacuum them down with a vacuum cleaner. With this process, remember to burp.

These are a traditional size turkey bag for storing 1lb. We add 2" in length for easier tying.

100 count box.

Made in the USA.

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