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454 Bags Commercial

300 Oversized (22"x26") "Turkey Bags" on a Easy Dispense Roll

300 Oversized (22"x26") "Turkey Bags" on a Easy Dispense Roll

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Turkey bags are for turkeys. Our bags are formulated specifically for flower. Preserve your product in a bag that was made to store it. 

300 oversized turkey bags on a quick and easy dispensing roll. Each bag is 22"x26", compare to the competition's 18"x20" bags.

Our bags will line a 5 gallon bucket and can easily fit 1-3 pounds. We give you plenty of extra space so even the fluffiest pounds are easy to tie. Thicker for better odor control and puncture resistance. Made from our special plastic blend that was formulated specifically for flower.

Made in the USA.



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