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454 Bags Commercial

2 - Cure / Fresh Frozen / Storage Bags - Vacuums With Vacuum Cleaner

2 - Cure / Fresh Frozen / Storage Bags - Vacuums With Vacuum Cleaner

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This is our most versatile bag, with quite a few uses. These bags are very durable and can be used over and over. The film on these bags also provides a very strong oxygen barrier.

We never recommend just curing in any type of tie bag (like a turkey bag). The tie will inevitably allow some air transfer. This bag functions as the perfect option to cure in tie bags. Just put the tied units in this bag, zipper close the top and vacuum down with a vacuum cleaner/ shop vac. This will create the perfect curing environment, don't forget to burp.

You can also put buds straight into this bag for curing. 

These bags are the perfect option for fresh froze. You can fit quite a bit of material in the bag. They seal with a zipper and vacuum down with a vacuum cleaner so you can reuse the bags over and over.

If you have pounds in tie bags that you will be storing for long period of time, we recommend sealing them in this bag or using vacuum bags.

The bags expand into a cube that is 31.5" x 39" x 15" and can fit up to 25 pounds of flower.

The bags have a re-sealable zipper along the top so they can be re-used over and over. We also formulated an extra durable plastic for ultimate odor control and longevity.

The bags vacuum down with a vacuum cleaner/shop vac through an easy to use valve on the front.

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